Transition Automation Introduces Updated Holder Design for Better Blade Support

Transition Automation has released an updated holder design to improve blade support and simplify maintenance and blade changes for SMT printer operators. This new revision increases the holder width supporting the blade, which eliminates the support shim normally included with the holder assembly. This change also allows for faster printing speeds and better blade wiping as well as eliminating the problem of solder paste becoming lodged between the shim and blade after long use. An additional upgrade is the change to alloy steel flat head screws (vs. stainless steel). Alloy steel screws are less prone to stripping and deformation, making it easier to replace blades. 

This new holder is available today for all models of SMT printers and may be ordered in the color of blue, red, green or silver.  This new revision also incorporates the company’s patent pending “Soft-Touch” articulating paste retainer design, laser inscribed part number, optional bar code, and Revision 3 Permalex Edge design featuring “fine” edge radius for low force clean wiping. 

Transition Automation, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of Permalex® Edge Metal Squeegees, holder systems, and advanced SMT printing systems.  Founded in 1989, Transition Automation, Inc. continues to advance the state of the art in surface mount solder paste printing by innovating the critical and high-cycle squeegee component of the SMT assembly process. Company headquarters are located at 5 Trader Circle, Building D, Tyngsboro, MA 01879 USA; 978-649-2400; Email:; Web: