Transition Automation Introduces Universal Holder for Ersa SMT Printers

Transition Automation, Inc. releases a new Universal Permalex Holder and Blade Assembly to install on Ersa SMT Printers. 

The Holder Assemblies include brass alloy alignment pins to improve the installation of the holders into the quick-release Ersa print head. These holders are Transition’s fourth generation, which include an extended aluminum support that eliminates the need for shim support. The holders also feature the company’s patent pending “Soft-Touch” articulating paste retainers to help keep the solder paste in the print area and reduce damage to stencils due to handling mishaps. These advanced holders offer benefits over OEM holder designs including lighter weight, available in any length, low front profile for better paste roll and color and angle options.


This item is available on the company’s web store at and has the part number designation EA1-LxxW32T10-B-E where the letters denote the length of the blade and holder combination.

Transition Automation, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of Permalex® Edge Metal Squeegees, holder systems, and advanced SMT printing systems.  Founded in 1989, Transition Automation, Inc. continues to advance the state of the art in surface mount solder paste printing by innovating the critical and high-cycle squeegee component of the SMT assembly process. Company headquarters are located at 5 Trader Circle, Building D, Tyngsboro, MA 01879 USA; Phone: 978-649-2400; Email:; Web: