Transition Automation Debuts Squeegee Safe-Storage and Cleaning Tool

Transition Automation, Inc. is pleased to announce Squeegee Buddy, a new tool for SMT printer users to help improve process quality and organization. This SMT solution provides a secure storage for squeegees in the form of a frame that looks similar to a stencil frame. As such, it may be inserted into stencil cleaners to clean squeegees without damaging them. Capable of use for both squeegee storage and squeegee cleaning, the tool protects the squeegees from damage by keeping them within the outside dimensions of the frame. In this way, if the frame were to drop and fall on the floor, there would be no way for the squeegee blade to be impacted or damaged. This frame can be hung on a wall or inserted into a stencil frame rack to store the squeegees between operations.  

In surveys with SMT users of Transition’s advanced Permalex Edge Metal Squeegees, it was  learned that while the Permalex blades last a very long time in production, they often reach their end-of-life due to mishandling. Further visits to many users show numerous implementations of squeegee storage that required benches or drawers or other large structures that affected real estate in and around the SMT printing process. The Squeegee Buddy helps improve SMT ergonomics. This new tool may be used with any Transition Universal Holder with the addition of two small holes that allow the squeegee to be inserted onto two secure pins. The frame has spring locks that secure the squeegee holders in place during cleaning or transport. The Squeegee Buddy also includes an ergonomic handle for easy pickup and transport in the SMT area. Squeegee Buddy is available in two sizes, similar to popular frame sizes 29-29 and 20-20, and in four colors: blue, red, green, and silver. The part number shown is EZCF-2925-4X-S, and this and other sizes and colors are available with a delivery of three weeks A.R.O.

Transition Automation, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of Permalex® Edge Metal Squeegees, holder systems, and advanced SMT printing systems.  Founded in 1989, Transition Automation, Inc. continues to advance the state of the art in surface mount solder paste printing by innovating the critical and high-cycle squeegee component of the SMT assembly process.  The company is located at 5 Trader Circle, Building D, Tyngsboro, Ma 01879 USA; Phone: 978-649-2400; Fax 978-649-2402, Web: