Trade fair presents energy revolution technologies

High expectations 

Following a four-year break, the industry eagerly looks forward to electronica 2022

The electronics industry is set to meet the greatest challenges in decades because for an all-encompassing energy transition in Europe, the share of alternatively generated energy would have to increase fivefold in the years ahead. And Germany also has ambitious goals: 55 percent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030, complete changeover to renewable energies by 2040 and greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050. The current geo-political crises complicate these plans. As this green energy is predominantly generated by wind and sunlight, the number of wind parks and solar panels will have to double without exception. Unlike conventional power plants, these are set up decentrally and spread over the whole country.

Enormous challenges for all electronics sectors

The transition to alternative energy therefore also requires a restructuring of our power supply, because the decentrally generated power of the future will have to be both produced in the wind turbine and fed into the grid, and made available at the right time in households and factories. This is not possible without smart grids. In the future, computer-controlled power supplies will ensure that the potential of alternative energies can be fully exploited. And this is just one example of the changes and the requirement for new technologies that will arise with the energy revolution. In terms of electric mobility, charging station infrastructure or battery technology, the automotive industry also finds itself in a similar transition process. And so does the entire electronics industry.

Focus on the future

To offer the electronics industry, which is so important for our future, an appropriate forum, the electronica organizers have defined four key topics this year. Along with smart energy and all the associated technologies and innovations for our power supply, one of the key topics of electronica 2022 focuses on automotive and electric mobility. One of Europe’s most important industry sectors needs new electronics systems and more efficient drive trains. What’s more, there is a need for solutions for the IT sector’s rapid evolution, such as operating systems and new technologies for autonomous driving, for example. Another key focus sector is embedded systems. Integrated, intelligent computer systems optimize the workflows of electronic devices, from ATMs to cell phones, through to safety/security systems for commercial aircraft. Not only are they precise and reliable, they are also small, light and inexpensive – a key technology for energy efficiency and sustainability. Factory 4.0 is dedicated to the automation key topic: In the future, production systems will leave purely analog processes in the past and will manage themselves. With the assistance of artificial intelligence and the networking of machine and tool, Factory 4.0 enables production conversions with minimal personnel costs in next to no time. Plus, from November 15 to 18, 2022, exhibitors from all over the world will of course also demonstrate their products and innovations from the areas of cybersecurity, industrial IoT, sustainability, connectivity, AI, sensor systems and measurement technology.

The meeting place for experts

Along with the economic components from companies and their products, sharing of information and expert know-how traditionally play an important role at the Munich trade fair. “In terms of content, electronica is not only very well positioned because of the range of topics covered by its exhibitors, but also because of its extensive supporting program, in which industry experts will impart their wealth of specialist knowledge,” adds Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer. The trade fair will also be complemented once again in 2022 by the electronica Conferences, which this year will deal with the automotive, embedded platforms and wireless topics. The electronica Forums will focus in particular on applications and solutions, and are valuable sources of inspiration for visitors thanks to their practical presentations and panel discussions.

Whatever the challenges that might await our society – the electronics industry is ready. In November the world market leaders, the most innovative start-ups, decision makers, visionaries and talents of the industry will meet in Munich to provide answers and find solutions. Anticipation is high.

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