Traco Power’s DC/DC converters for e-mobility

It is safe to say we are all feeling the wave of demand for electric vehicles, charging stations, and the required support infrastructure which are becoming ever more powerful, faster, and more compact.

Consequently, more power in a smaller space is required for the operation of the electronics.

Compact, highly efficient, reliable and, above all, robust DC/DC converters are required to meet these high demands of e-mobility applications. These converters must be able to withstand extreme and fluctuating temperatures and function reliably in harsh environments for years.

With more than two decades of experience in railroad technology, Traco Power has set the goal of bringing robust DC/DC converters with high efficiency and power density to the market, especially suited for applications in electromobility.

The range of Traco Power DC/DC converters for e-mobility includes models from 1- 300 Watts. These models are available in various mechanical types such as DIN-Rail, Chassis mount and PCB mountable DIP, SIP and SMD packages and are ideal for e-mobility applications thanks to their features:

– Operate extremely reliably for years, even in harsh environmental conditions

– Have optimized heat dissipation and operate without additional fan

– Achieve over 90% efficiency

– Operate reliably over a wide temperature range, from -40 – 85°C

– Are suitable for applications where constant current is required

– Are available with wide input voltage range.

Traco Power products are carefully designed and fully compliant with the latest Railway, Industrial and Information Technology standards.

Our experienced product experts will assist you with all your challenges, such as EMC compliance, application notes and support for new design requirements and certifications.