Torenko & Associates offers the new 3D SPECTASCOPE™ from WPI Vision

WPI Vision, a division of World Precision Instruments, is pleased to announce the appointment of Torenko & Associates at its newest manufacturers’ representative. Under the agreement, Torenko & Associates will represent the new 3D SpectaSCOPE™ inspection microscope systems throughout Mexico.

 Over its 45 years in business Torenko has established strong relationships with its accounts and developed a reputation for being a leader in technology in the area. Torenko is headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex with other locations in the regional USA and Mexico. The company’s mission is straight-forward; Torenko & Associates strives to provide the best semiconductor, SMT manufacturing, test and repair solutions and service available. To accomplish this, the team works with some of the most innovative and reliable companies from around the globe, including WPI.

Torenko & Associates now offers the game changing 3D SpectaSCOPE, with patent-pending technology and intuitive copyrighted software. For the first time, the microscope has increased return on investment (ROI) by solving some of the problems in the PCBA process. With patent-pending technology and intuitive copyrighted software, the 3D SpectaSCOPE inspection microscope utilizes enhanced reality screen technology with high resolution cameras. 

The ergonomic 3D inspection microscope features an incredible working distance of 300 mm, automatic self-focusing, integrated image capture and true 3-dimensional viewing. The 3D SpectaSCOPE lets users increase throughput while achieving greater accuracy at the highest detail. The 3D SpectaSCOPE is optimal for rework, through-hole assembly and inspections, and it is available in multiple configurations.

Reduce time and errors and increase ROI by adding the 3D SpectaSCOPE into your inspection process. Available with a free 14-day try before you buy, 3D SPECTASCOPE can be tested out to prove its effectiveness on your inspection bench. For more information, visit 

Torenko and Associates was founded by Ron Torenko in 1977. Sales Engineering personnel are factory trained, process knowledgeable, and process experts are standing by for assistance via conference calling and onsite meetings. For more information, visit