Tiny 2W and 3W AC/DC Converters Power Smart Electronics in Small Spaces

IjU3YjZjZjQ4NmExODkyMTAwMzY0YTBkMyIThe latest low-power, energy-efficient AC/DC converters from Dengrove Electronic Components are small enough to fit inside existing cavities such as inside switch housings or behind cover plates, making them ideal for smart-building or IoT applications.

Produced by RECOM, the 2-Watt and 3-Watt RAC02-SE/277 and RAC03-SE/277 are housed in a compact 34mm x 22mm package only 11mm high. A third option, the 3-Watt RAC03-SER/277 in a circular package, gives extra flexibility to implement smart electronics inside small spaces. All types carry IEC/EN60335 and IEC/EN60950 safety certifications, allowing use in household or industrial environments, and are CE marked.

The converters operate at up to 80% efficiency, and are available with output voltage of 3.3V, 5V, 12V or 24V, making them ideal for powering remote sensors or actuators, climate controls, touchscreen interfaces, access-control devices, wireless alarm systems, door-openers or similar equipment. No-load power consumption of 30mW is less than one-twelfth of the applicable European ErP standby power limit, which helps ensure compliance of the end product.

Further valuable features of these new converters include a wide input-voltage range of 85V-305V AC, which permits connection to any AC line voltage globally and allows equipment to withstand supply fluctuations such as surges or brown-outs. The output voltage is highly stable, regulated within ±6% and with less than 200mV ripple.

The safety both of equipment and users are also highly protected. Isolation of 3kV/1min. and leakage current of less than 10µA minimise risk of electric shock, and the converters feature built-in over-voltage protection and short-circuit protection with automatic restart when the fault is removed. There is also an integrated EMI filter, and the devices comply with EN55022 Class B.

In addition, a wide ambient operating-temperature range of -40°C to 85°C ensures high reliability, and all devices come with RECOM’s three-year warranty giving a superior level of confidence for product developers. For more information, please visit the website at www.dengrove.com.