The robots are coming – A hard hitting look at the UK robotics scene panel debate with E&T magazine

In collaboration with The IET’s Engineering & Technology magazine our panel discuss the mystery of missing productivity.

Dickon Ross – editor in chief – E&T magazine (chair)
Jeremy Hadall – chief engineer, intelligent automation – The Manufacturing Technology Centre
Julian Ware – UK & Ireland sales manager – ABB Robotics
Dave Tomlin – automation specialist – Hitex
Adam Sanjurgo – low cost automation product manager – igus

Why is the UK behind European competitors & partners?
Reasons discussed include British culture & socio-economics, hype vs realities, the emotive challenge of replacing people’s jobs with robots, and what each panellist thinks the UK national government could do to increase robotics uptake.

Filmed at the WNIE Live event 19th September 2019, at the National Agricultural & Exhibition Centre, Warwickshire