The comprehensive ASYS software suite PULSE PRO digitalizes the entire shop floor

In the new software suite PULSE PRO, ASYS bundles its entire range of software solutions for the shop floor. PULSE PRO is the control center of the Smart Factory and offers solutions on all layers thanks to its numerous apps. ASYS thus closes the gap between the shop floor and the MES/ERP systems.

PULSE PRO offers seven software modules. These help to control automated material flows on the shop floor, to achieve a dynamic just-in-time supply for each production step and to track all data flows. All applications are implemented in the same look and feel to provide orientation. All of them are consolidated in a central suite to make it as user-friendly as possible for production managers from their cockpits.

“PULSE” becomes application “Smart Alerts”

The well-known smart assistance system “PULSE” from ASYS has not disappeared as a result of the merger, but has merely been given a new classification. The application can now be found under the name “Smart Alerts”. The smart assistance system for machine-human communication supports the operator in production. Walking distances are reduced and, thanks to early notifications, line stoppages are effectively avoided. The app is located within the PULSE PRO module “Observe & Control”.

PULSE PRO – smart, modular and efficient

All data flows in production can be brought together in the software suite. This achieves maximum transparency in the production processes. Operators have an overview of the entire shop floor and can achieve optimum productivity. Thanks to PULSE PRO, the rapidly growing complexity in manufacturing becomes manageable.

Another advantage: PULSE PRO easily switches between existing systems and thereby supplements the functions that are not yet or only partially considered. Thanks to the modular and scalable concept, integration can be realized in several steps.