The TechNES FPGA Frontrunners event returns to The Moathouse – July 13th.

About this event

Bringing together the UK FPGA & ASIC design communities to discuss all things gate array. Share knowledge, find out what is going on and have a moan about the current state of affairs. All set within the beautiful Moat House Inn, there will be lots of time to network, have a coffee and at the end of the day a drinks reception bringing colleagues and members together with a shared common interest.

The event will be similar to that in March, we will have a morning session of discussion around some key topics – followed by some interesting presentations from Gowin Semiconductor, finding out a bit more about the products and roadmap, represented by WPG – so will be interesting to hear how they plan to promote Gowin and their general plans for UK distribution.

Something close to everyone’s heart is staffing, how to find new and existing design engineers and then when you have them, how to keep them, and IC Resources will be there to share their thoughts and ideas on this.

Dirk Koch from Manchester University is going to explain all about their Open Source FPGA solution with their FABulous FPGA program. Then we have a talk from one of our sponsors – Synopsys.

Everyone is welcome, come along and get involved in what is becoming a vibrant UK community for FPGA & ASIC design engineers.