Tailor Your Manufacturing with Emerald EMS at the Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show

Emerald EMS, an innovative solutions provider, is pleased to announce plans to exhibit in Booth #149 at the Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show (DMEMS) 2023. The event is scheduled to take place April 26-27, 2023 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, CA. Emerald EMS offers a wide range of assembly services, and specializes in advanced, complex, and mission-critical assembly manufacturing, tailored to its customers’ unique requirements, supply chain and distribution specifications. 

In response to rapidly changing market conditions and product demands, Emerald offers a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, including the ability to produce components fitted to irregular three-dimension housings or to withstand intense vibrations using flex and rigid-flex solutions for printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs).

Equipped with the latest manufacturing equipment available on the market, Emerald EMS offers electro-mechanical and system assembly, reliability, precision touch-ups, in-circuit and functional tests, rework and failure analysis, complex repair depot services, final test, integration, box builds, order configuration and direct order fulfillment. Additionally, the company offers a wide variety of sophisticated SMT placement and clean room assembly.

Every product is unique, and the team at Emerald EMS embraces this uniqueness and enjoys the challenges of manufacturing each product. Emerald EMS is committed to fully understanding and meeting the needs of their customers through quality excellence, advanced engineering, and strong commitment to customer relationships.

Contact us here to schedule a meeting at DMEMS 2023 or visit www.emeraldems.com to learn more.