Switchtec’s Surge Protection brochure is educational and informative


Distributor Switchtec has issued a brochure showcasing surge protection devices from a world leader in the field, Citel.  As well as providing technical specifications of some of the most popular surge protection devices from Citel, the six page, full colour brochure includes useful information on the risks of electrical surges, the benefits of using SPDs and a short guide ‘Does my installation need an SPD?’

For ease of selection and clarity of ordering the brochure shows a colour photo of each product along with a detailed description, its order code, product dimensions, technical specifications and prices.

Surge protection Devices (SPD) assist in the protection of electrical and electronic equipment against transients, originating from lightning and switching sources. These transients can cause damage ranging from the premature ageing to the complete destruction of equipment within the entire electrical installation. Products such as LED lighting, data servers, industrial equipment, PV inverters and PLCs are critical to business activity and any down time or product replacement can be costly. Protecting this equipment using by an SPD is essential for any business.

Lightning strikes probably don’t occur any more now than they did 30 years ago, yet due to the increase in computer based control systems and their susceptibility to becoming corrupted or even physically damaged by lightning, we now need to protect many aspects of ‘electronics infrastructure’ more than ever.

Type 1 surge protectors are designed to be installed where a direct lightning strike risk is high, especially when the building is equipped with external lightning protection system (LPS or lightning rod).  Type 2 surge protectors are designed to be installed at the entrance of the installation, in the main switchboard, or close to sensitive terminals, on installations without LPS (lightning rods).  In case of very sensitive or remote equipment, secondary stage of surge protectors is required: these low energy SPDs could be Type 2 or Type 3.


For more information please visit: www.switchtec.co.uk