Surfx Technologies Leaves No Excuse to Skip Plasma Surface Preparation for Critical Processes

Surfx Technologies, LLC, the most trusted name in atmospheric plasma, is pleased to offer its STA-10iL Automated Plasma Machine designed for high-volume manufacturing. The STA-10iL offers a slim footprint, fast lead times and flexible configurations, leaving no excuse to skip plasma surface preparation for critical processes. 

Inside the STA-10iL, a three-axis gantry selectively applies the most advanced atmospheric plasma to substrates. Surfx’s Atomflo™ controller operates with low voltage, radio frequency (RF) power, and generates a uniform, particle-free and electrically neutral plasma that is safe on the most sensitive electronics.

Surfx Technologies’ versatile conveyor design allows for rapid surface preparation of electronics, including all types of IC packages. Whether for cleaning dies, silicon wafers, medical devices or molded plastic parts, the STA-10iL easily can be configured for any job with a working volume of 550 x 760 x 60 mm.

Surfx argon plasma systems clean and activate a wide variety of material surfaces, including glass, ceramics, polymers, semiconductors and metals. For more information, visit