StaticStop, a Division of SelecTech Inc., Implements New Floor Tester Rental Program

StaticStop, a division of SelecTech, Inc., and leader in the manufacture of innovative, today announced its new program that enables customers to rent meters to test their flooring. The test will certify if flooring meets the ANSI/ESD STM7.1 ESD Association Standard Test Method for the Protection of Electrostatic Discharge Susceptible Items – Floor Materials-Resistive Characterization of Materials.  

 In order for a floor to effectively provide static protection, it must be able to conduct static electric charges away from people and equipment.  This ability is measured by the electrical resistance of the floor.  The lower the electrical resistance, the better the floor can conduct these charges.  This property can be effectively and easily measured using StaticStop’s rental meter and following ANSI/ESD STM 7.1.

The ANSI/ESD test method evaluates floor materials used to control electrostatic charge. This method covers all floor materials including floor mats, floor coverings, coatings, paints and floor finishes.

StaticStop FreeStyle ESD has lifetime guaranteed electrical properties, meets CA 1350 Indoor Air Quality and is MAS Certified Green. FreeStyle ESD and SelecTile ESD, as well as the Gluedown GroundFloor ESD tiles meet all ANSI 20.20 standards.

For more information or to request a meter, contact the team at SelecTech today. As industry leaders, innovators, and a team committed to sustainability, providing customers the ultimate solution is StaticStop’s mission. Call today to learn more (508) 583-3200.