Southwest Systems Technology to Represent VJ Electronix Rework Systems

Southwest Systems Technology, Inc., the leading manufacturing resource for the Southwest, is pleased to announce that it now represents VJ Electronix, Inc. rework systems in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. VJ Electronix is the leader in rework technologies and global provider of advanced X-ray inspection and component counting systems. 

 With the largest installed base of rework systems in the world, VJ Electronix rework systems offer high-level automation, intuitive software, and easy set up to help minimize operator intervention and simplify the most difficult rework processes. The company’s rework systems are designed to rework components ranging from 01005 all the way to 120mm for a large range of applications including connectors, package-on-package, RF shields and more. 

David Hamel, VJ Electronix Director of Global Sales and Marketing, stated: “Southwest System’s capabilities and knowledge will help us to better reach and serve our customers in the Southwest. The team at Southwest Systems is always ready to assist and advise customers in selecting the best-in-class equipment for demanding applications.”

Southwest Systems Technology was founded in 1989. The firm sells equipment and materials in both the electronic assembly and semiconductor manufacturing industries. Southwest Systems’ sales professionals are trained in the latest industry processes and technologies.

Southwest Systems’ objective is to provide realistic expectations and product capabilities to our customers. The goal of the company is to enable the customer to correctly determine the viability of the equipment, materials and products for their specific applications and effectively select real long-term solutions. 

In addition to the automated rework systems, Southwest Systems also will offer VJ Electronix component counting systems and X-ray inspection systems.

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