South-Tek Systems Honored with the 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award for Mission Critical Nitrogen PurityProtect

South-Tek Systems is pleased to announce has been awarded the prestigious 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award in the category of Nitrogen Generators for its Mission Critical Nitrogen PurityProtect. The award ceremony took place during productronica in Munich on Nov. 14, 2023. 

PurityProtect, an automated feature integrated into South-Tek Systems’ nitrogen generators, ensures the delivery of high-quality, high-purity mission-critical nitrogen supply. The system continuously monitors the gas quality and activates fully automated purge control in the event of an out-of-spec purity reading. This guarantees uninterrupted and reliable nitrogen purity, safeguarding critical processes in various applications.

“We are honored to receive the 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award for our Mission Critical Nitrogen PurityProtect,” said Caleb Eagle, Industrial Sales Manager – Electronics, South-Tek Systems. “This recognition reaffirms our commitment to providing top-of-the-line nitrogen solutions to our valued clients, ensuring their operations run smoothly and efficiently.”

Key features of PurityProtect include visual and audio alarms, automatic process shut-off, and adjustable set-points. These features enhance the user experience and provide an added layer of security, allowing customers to maintain precise control over their nitrogen supply.

One of the main aspects of South-Tek Systems’ N2GEN series of PSA nitrogen generators is their ability to produce a wide range of flow rates at nitrogen purities ranging from 95% up to an impressive 99.999%. Custom-designed and highly versatile, these units can be integrated with dedicated air compressors, dryers, and boosters for a complete turnkey solution. Additionally, for applications requiring larger flow rates or redundancy, South-Tek Systems offers duplexing options.

The GLOBAL Technology Awards, established in 2005, have become an industry benchmark, celebrating exceptional standards and groundbreaking solutions within the global SMT and advanced packaging industry. The award recognizes companies and individuals who consistently drive the industry forward with their outstanding innovations.

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