SMTA Capital Chapter to Host a FREE Webinar August 19th on “DfR- Design for Rinse-ability: Effect of SMT Component Package Design on Cleaning Effectiveness”

The SMTA Capital Chapter is excited to host its first FREE webinar on Wednesday, August 19th. The webinar will include an informative presentation given by industry expert Norman Armendariz, Ph.D. of Raytheon Company on “DfR- Design for Rinse-ability: Effect of SMT Component Package Design on Cleaning Effectiveness.”

Norman Armendariz, Ph.D. is an Engineering Fellow at Raytheon responsible for materials engineering design, materials analysis, process equipment development, micro-analytical metrology development, production support and technology roadmaps associated with the manufacturing of CCA- circuit card assemblies used in missiles, smart munitions, ground based radars, and mobile sensors across multiple US and international sites.  Norm has over 25 years of industrial experience, having worked for LTV, Lockheed/NASA, Motorola, Intel, Texas Instruments and American University.    He holds an interdisciplinary PhD in Chemical Engineering from New Mexico State University, MS in Materials Science Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and BS in Metallurgical Engineering from Colorado State University, with 9 US patents and 29 peer-reviewed publications.

The presentation will discuss the “physics” of liquid entrainment / entrapment and their effects on component materials with experiments performed to determine the minimum amount of component vent area required to adequately rinse components of their cleaning residues resulting in a “Design for Rinse-ability” specifications or guidelines to deploy.  In addition, accelerated humidity testing with electrical testing will be discussed, that was performed to determine the degree of degradation/corrosion or electrical reliability of components exposed to controlled or known amounts of cleaning solutions entrained.

The SMTA Capital Chapter is proud to bring these top-notch presentations to the DMV area, saving you and your employer time and money while helping you gain the knowledge needed to “Build Reliability into your Electronics.”

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