Small and secure RF modules for embedded applications

Acknowledged as the UK’s leading source of advanced embedded technology, Solid State Supplies Ltd. now offers the XBee3™ embedded RF modules from Digi. The modules ease the design task with easy-to-add functionality and flexible wireless connectivity.

The ultra-small Digi XBee3™ range is now available in a micro (13 mm x 19 mm) form factor as well as the existing surface-mount (SMT) and through-hole versions. The 2.4 GHz devices offer multiple interfaces including ZigBee® 3.0, 802.15.4 and DigiMesh®. The smart, modular architecture enables OEMs to easily pivot to forthcoming technologies.

Rugged security is at the core of these modules with more than 175 included security controls to protect against new and evolving cyber threats thereby ensuring security as well as identity and data privacy.

The XBee3™ range delivers flexibility through multiple levels of programmability including dual-mode radios and MicroPython for business rules and application logic. The modules can be easily configured – locally or remotely – using simplified AT or API commands, Digi XCTU software or Digi Remote Manager®.

With reduced size and weight as well as low power operation (1uA sleep current), the modules are ideal for compact, battery-powered applications, including Internet of Things (IoT). Through Digi TrustFence® technology they offer complete IoT security including secure boot, authentication, protected ports, secured storage and secure connections.

Each of the modules in the XBee3™ range share a common footprint across multiple platforms and are able to interoperate with devices from other vendors, offering the ultimate in flexibility to designers.

Commenting on the launch Scott Brenton, Franchise Manager at Solid State Supplies said: “We are very excited to be able to offer the XBee3™ range from Digi. The small size, low power operation and advanced security features as well as the unrivalled flexibility will ensure that these devices will significantly ease the task of adding RF functionality to embedded systems.”

Solid State Supplies technical team will be offering full technical support on the new range and the associated development kits, which are also available from the technically-focussed distributor. In the near future the Digi XBee3™ products will be added to Solid State’s highly popular free training seminar programme.