Shaping the Future of Display Technology at FINETECH JAPAN 2023

Running in conjunction with Highly-Functional Material Week TOKYO, the 33rd FINETECH JAPAN returns to showcase the latest advancements in LCD, OLED, and Micro-LED technologies from October 4 to 6 at Makuhari Messe, Japan, reaffirming its status as the foremost platform for top and trending display technology innovations worldwide.

The global display industry is in a transformative age, with innovation and technological breakthroughs reshaping how we interact with digital information. From high-definition displays to flexible and energy-efficient solutions, the industry is evolving rapidly. FINETECH JAPAN has consistently been at the forefront in this transformation, attracting industry leaders and visionaries.

As the demand for sharper, more vibrant displays continue to grow across various applications ranging from smartphones and tablets, to automotive and healthcare, FINETECH JAPAN 2023 emerges as a platform to explore the best solutions and strategies that define the future of displays.

FINETECH JAPAN 2023 features an excellent line-up of exhibitors that represent a glimpse of the remarkable showcase including industry leaders like Adacotech, DON CO.,LTD., K&D Technology (Hongkong) Co., Limited, MATSUNAMI GLASS IND., LTD., and Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. These industry leaders will be showcasing their latest advancements and solutions, offering attendees a first-hand look at the latest developments shaping the display industry.

To enhance attendees’ experience, FINETECH JAPAN 2023 will immerse participants in the future of display technology, allowing them to explore the latest innovations through cutting-edge technologies and witness captivating live demonstrations of state-of-the-art displays and IoT devices.

Beyond the exhibits, networking opportunities will enable attendees to connect with industry luminaries, share ideas, establish valuable partnerships, and gain profound insights into the evolving display industry through enlightening seminars and thought-provoking panel discussions. Moreover, the event will present business opportunities that can uncover potential collaborations and investment prospects capable of redefining a business’s trajectory.

The event will also feature exciting and engaging conference sessions, all of which are free of charge and will be held simultaneously in both Japanese and English to ensure richer exchange of insights and knowledge for all our visitors.

Informative sessions covering a wide range of topics, including technology, market insights, and emerging trends in the display industry, will be led by industry experts such as Yoshiharu Nakajima, Chief Technology Officer of Japan Display Inc., who will discuss JDI’s Technology Plans; Yoshio Tamura, President of Asian Operations at DSCC, who will provide an overview of the Flat Panel Display (FPD) market; and Tetsuo Urabe, a Senior Analyst at UBI Research, who will shed light on the latest trends in XR (Extended Reality) and displays.

“It’s where visionaries and trailblazers converge to shape the future of display technology,” says Katsutoshi Tsuchiya, Show Director of FINETECH JAPAN. “This event is a testament to our commitment to drive the industry forward.”

FINETECH JAPAN 2023 is poised to be an exceptional experience for anyone passionate about the display industry. Professionals and enthusiasts from related industries are encouraged to register here and be part of the driving force behind display technology’s evolution and future of the display industry.

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