SELVA will attend the London Space Week taking place at Glaziers Hall – London from 04-05th October 2017.


Selva are pleased to announce their first attendance to London Space Week, the largest space innovation BtoB meeting event, from 04-05th October at Glaziers Hall – London.

Specialized in electronic subcontracting, SELVA supports innovative companies in their design and manufacturing projects of electronic boards and electronic systems. SELVA offers a large range of services: design, routing, prototyping, production engineering, manufacture, integration, inspection and after-sales.

For over 30 years, SELVA has been reputed for having a know-how in the achievement of complex projects in varied areas such as aerospace (EN9100 certification), defence, automotive, industry, medical care or energy among others. Having been certified EN/AS9100 since last year, their strategy is to expand their partnership within the international aerospace and space industry.

During the London Space Week event, they will be presenting in detail their electronic boards and systems design and manufacturing services/solutions/capabilities. Their team is composed of 140 employees split into 2 manufacturing centres in France and 2 design offices in France and England (Romsey).
Their engineering teams have strong technical skills in Communication electronics (wired or wireless), Electronic control systems (sensor, actuator,HMI), Digital electronics (microcontroller, peripherals, C language), Power Electronics (AC/DC, AC/AC,DC/DC,flyback,LLC half-bridge).

They have taken part in the development of many projects such as Ethernet hub from 8 x 1 Gbit to 1 x 10Gbit, Medical transportation incubator, Automated forklift trucks, 600W converter at MPPT (maximum power point tracking), Control of 300W brushless motor electric actuators, Aerosol disinfecting device, Emergency vehicle management system and so on.

SELVA manufacturing centres include SMD pick and place machines, Lead, ROHS and selective soldering machines, Varnishing and conformal coating machine, X-ray inspection machine, Automated Optical Inspection machine, In situ flying probe machine, In situ bed of nails machine and BGA repair equipment.
Their sales team is looking forward to meeting all the innovative attending companies.