Selecting your manufacturing partner early in the design process is critical

electronics industry newsSelecting your manufacturing partner early in the design process is critical. Not all contract manufacturers are the same, nor do they offer the same level of capability. Pegmatis, an elite product design and development services company, has an extensive network of trusted manufacturing partners, on, off, and near-shore. The team at Pegmatis works to match its customers with a manufacturing partner that will meet their specific needs.

Pegmatis actively works with clients, considering budget, time to market, supply chain, and product needs. Engaging with Pegmatis early on allows the team to help meet cost targets, business goals and milestones.

Manufacturing and hardware selection are inherently intertwined. Many new innovators and entrepreneurs overlook the importance of the hardware selection process, not understanding how much the manufacturing process depends upon their choice. Pegmatis considers all the facets of manufacturing from component sourcing availability, lifecycle, cost, volume benefits, functionality, complexity, product tooling to supplier hardware, and software support.

The Pegmatis proven design approach comes from many years of experience launching high quality, integrated products into mass production with Fortune 1000 organizations.

Supported by an incredible team with more than 300 years of collective hardware and software experience and a bench that has worked as a team for decades, Pegmatis offers world-class product design, development, and consulting.

Pegmatis capitalizes on experience and technology to build a better future. For more information, visit