Seica to exhibit at The Battery Show North America September 14-16 Novi, Michigan – Booth 3036

Don’t miss Seica’s Pilot Battery Tester (PILOT BT) demonstration at The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan, September 14-16, in booth 3036! Seica will demonstrate the testing of battery cells in an inline test configuration with its Pilot BT. With its impressive parallel testing architecture, the Pilot BT can test 16 cells simultaneously to readily meet the throughput requirements of very high-volume production environments with an incredible test rate. The standard system configuration includes a pass-through conveyance by Bosch, but it can also be configured with unique customer conveyance solutions integrated into completely automated lines. The Pilot BT offers a very large test area (1050 x 865 mm) not only enabling it to handle the many battery configurations currently on the market, but the capacity to manage the configurations of the future. The Pilot BT is equipped with high-definition cameras and laser sensor to ensure proper fiducial recognition of the battery and terminal plates for proper battery placement inside the test area.  No matter the battery technology, type, size or shape, Seica has a solution for high production, reliable, and repeatable test.

In addition to the Pilot BT, Seica will exhibit its Industrial Automation software and hardware, tools that assist the customer in monitoring their entire production line. The parameters being monitored by Seica hardware inside the production equipment will allow the customer to make maintenance decisions based on predictive analyses presented on a digital software dashboard. This dashboard can be monitored in real time from anywhere in the world.  Parameters such as energy consumption, temperature, vibration, and machine status will allow maintenance and plant management to take corrective action where necessary. 

Stop by booth 3036 for a live demonstration and to speak with our team!