Secure the best pricing with this CalcuQuote and Digi-Key Integration

CalcuQuote is leading the industry by implementing the next generation of supplier integrations into our Component Search API. As a part of this initiative, CalcuQuote has combined the speed of API search with the recall of having requested a quote from Digi-Key with secured pricing. This allows you to ensure that you are using the best valid pricing from your history.

CalcuQuote is the first widely adopted EMS quoting and purchasing solution to allow customers to secure pricing for any project, component or bill of material (BOM).  “With this pioneering upgrade, customers and Digi-Key reps have access to the same information, ensuring the price is valid for thirty days,” says CalcuQuote’s Vice President of Product, David Sharp. “Our customers gain confidence, even amidst a volatile market, and CalcuQuote is the first to make it all possible in a seamless, process oriented way that our deep EMS expertise allows.”

“We are proud to leverage this integration with CalcuQuote for our Quote API to give customers a cost-effective and fast option to connect to Digi-Key’s API solutions,” says Nathan Pray, Manager of Digital Technology at Digi-Key. “This integration makes it easy for purchasing professionals around the globe to experience smoother and more efficient ordering while securing pricing for 30 days.”

CalcuQuote is currently in development with various suppliers to implement tighter integrations to continue to change the way customers do business.

Learn more about how CalcuQuote continues to move the industry forward by creating a more connected supply chain and how we can be your partners in digital transformation by stopping by our booth at the IPC APEX Exposition. Come see us at Booth #2003 at the San Diego Convention Center from January 25-27, 2022.