Scienscope’s Global Sales Team is Ready to Meet in Person at APEX 2022

Scienscope International, a leading American supplier of cabinet-style micro-focus X-ray systems, will exhibit at the 2022 IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place Jan. 25-27, 2022, at the San Diego Convention Center in California.  The team will showcase the Incoming material system (IMS-100) and AXC-800 III Component Counter, Smart Storage Rack (New), 6000 X-ray Inspection, and microscope division in Booth #3508.

Scienscope’s global sales department will be available to meet with customers during the three-day event. Scienscope has invested heavily in warehouse material management automation, particularly component reels management for the SMT industry in the last five years. Starting with X-ray component counting, Scienscope has expanded the line to include an incoming material label scanner, smart rack storage, automatic loader and unloader, AGV. With expertise in machine vision, X-ray and automation, Scienscope is a one-stop solution provider for warehouse automation, optical and X-ray inspection.  Scienscope also offers customization based on your facility needs.

The new Scienscope Smart Storage Rack is the easiest, most accurate way to store your electronic components. Works best when integrated with a Scienscope Component Counter and IMS Systems or Desktop Reel Scanner. Not only will you have a precisely accurate inventory with a unique ID number, but you will also know exactly where they are stored for quick location and use.

The Smart Storage Rack is robustly built with stainless steel and an ESD caster to move around to the desired location quickly.  Free ERP and MES System integration with auto slot assignment by an LED light.  Allows for 1400 of 7” reels or 480 of 13” reels to be quickly and safely stored.  

The award-winning IMS-100 features a high-resolution barcode camera system with an image-based algorithm that reads any barcode, even with defects. It reads and stores the information of four 7” reels simultaneously. As one reel is removed, a unique identification number label is printed, archiving reliable data that can be easily and conveniently traced. 

The IMS-100 allows for EMS/ERP integration in seconds. It captures multi-codes quickly and without errors, enabling seamless integration of any material. Additionally, it helps automate the incoming goods process and boosts productivity dramatically.

 The Scienscope AXC-800 III makes inventory management and component counting even faster, more accurate, and more accessible than ever before. Place reels in the system, close the door, and the count begins automatically. Within 23 seconds, the AXC-800 III Component Counter completes the task of counting four 7” reels, and within 16 seconds, it meets the task of counting one large 13”-15” reel. This system features an internal barcode scanner and a reel removal sensor for automatic label printing.  

Scienscope component counters can help save time, save money, reduce labor, and avoid the dreaded “line down” scenario due to lack of a component. Visit Booth #3508 during the IPC APEX EXPO to learn how!