Scienscope Improves Inventory Management at Electronics Services Inc.

Scienscope International, a leading American supplier of cabinet style micro-focus X-ray systems, will has sold Electronics Services, Inc. (ESI), an EMS company based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, an AXC800 III X-ray Component Counter.

 “We consistently invest in new technology and equipment to provide the highest level of service,” commented Gary Larson, President of ESI.  “Our engineers are continuously researching better materials and technology to improve our capabilities and services. This is how we came to purchase a component counter from Scienscope.”

ESI has a reputation for offering ‘Legendary Service.’ Celebrating 40 years in business this year, ESI provides a full range of EMS services to OEMs in the industrial, commercial, medical, energy, agriculture and HVAC markets.

After researching several different models at different companies, ESI ultimately decided to purchase an AXC800 III from Scienscope. “We were drawn to the extra features Scienscope could offer,” stated Colin Sabby ESI Materials Manager.  “We like the ability to automatically scan our inventory tags as the reels are being counted.  It will also print new labels for each specific reel being removed.”

The Scienscope AXC800 III X-ray Component Counter makes inventory management and component counting even more fast, accurate and easy than ever before. Simply place reels in the system, close the door and the count begins automatically. Within 23 seconds the AXC-800 III Component Counter completes the task of counting four 7” reels, and within 16 seconds it completes the task of counting 1 large 13”-15” reel. This system features an internal barcode scanner and a reel removal sensor for automatic label printing. Users will save time, save labor, save money and avoid the dreaded “line down” scenario due to lack of a component.

“We are now able to count all reels as they return from the production floor,” added Sabby.  “Doing this reduces shortages and helps us identify potential production issues, saving us, and our customers, time and money. Working with Adolfo at Scienscope was easy and pleasant.  He is quick to respond and always helps us resolve problems. At ESI we pride ourselves on our customer service, so it’s something I always appreciate in our partners.”

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