RTI Introduces Xcelerators: Professional Services Expertise for Developing Autonomous Systems

Real-Time Innovations (RTI), the largest software framework provider for smart machines and real-world systems, today announced RTI Xcelerators™, a new program to provide customers access to expertise in architecting, developing and deploying complex distributed systems. Customers can use Xcelerators to maximize development efficiency, eliminate costly rework and accelerate project success. The Xcelerators can be customized, based on project phase, to provide specific use-case design guidance combined with deep product expertise to enable developers to hit critical project milestones.

There is no room for error in designing, integrating and deploying intelligent distributed systems. RTI’s Professional Services team has over 350 years of combined distributed system design experience and over 130 years of Data Distribution Service™(DDS) experience. Xcelerators are a new way for customers to maximize the value they receive from their support plans by leveraging the Services team’s expertise in optimizing the design of their RTI Connext® DDS-based systems.

Customers can filter the Xcelerators catalog by project stage including research, product development, integration and testing, production, proof of concept, and more. Customers can also filter the Xcelerators by service type and choose from the following:


  • Learn: Receive live training covering RTI products, tools, capabilities and best practices.
  • Apply: Accelerate the speed at which target goals are achieved by applying RTI expertise throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Solve: Address unique challenges with a dedicated resource on a negotiated timeline.

The Xcelerators catalog will continue to expand as RTI adds offerings to meet future customer requirements.

“Organizations around the world must architect, design, and implement complex distributed systems that are optimized to deliver compelling value – on time. Time-to-market pressure is immense, and understanding how to efficiently leverage framework technology to design or upgrade a system right the first time is critical to business success.” said Mark Hamilton, Vice President of Services at RTI. “At RTI, our world-class Professional Services team is at the core of what drives customer success. With the launch of Xcelerators, we will be able to work closely with each customer to tailor their support plan to accelerate hitting their near-and long-term milestones. Our hope is that Xcelerators will inspire and enable our customers to maximize the value realized by architecting their system with RTI’s Connext DDS product line.” 

To learn more about Xcelerators, please visit: https://www.rti.com/xcelerators