RTI Connext Drive Achieves ASPICE Capability Level 1 to Improve Development Processes for the Automotive Industry

ASPICE will help suppliers meet OEM requirements, incorporate best practices, identify defects early, and address the automotive industry’s evolving needs

Real-Time Innovations (RTI), the largest software framework company for autonomous systems, announced that RTI Connext Drive 3.1 has achieved APISCE CL1 to provide OEMs with more confidence and flexibility when building next generation vehicles. Based on the Data Distribution Service (DDS) Standard, Connext Drive is the first DDS implementation to achieve this certification to deliver highly reliable communications for SDVs – setting the stage for continuous process improvement, driving product quality enhancements, operational efficiency gains, and adherence to regulatory requirements.

By establishing consistent and managed processes, CL1 enhances risk management, boosts customer confidence, and facilitates compliance with industry standards. ASPICE CL1 is crucial for laying the groundwork for successful project execution and fostering a culture of excellence in the automotive market.

“We’re strengthening our commitment to supporting the automotive industry with this ASPICE certification, further establishing Connext Drive as the world’s leading architecture for developing AVs,” said Niheer Patel, Director of Product Management at RTI. “ASPICE sets rigorous standards for software and systems development, ensuring high-quality, reliable products. This achievement underscores our commitment to providing continuous innovation and excellence in the automotive industry.”

ASPICE, or Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination, is a standard that helps automotive suppliers and OEMs evaluate and improve their software development procedures. By establishing efficient and well-defined processes, manufacturers can reduce development time and costs by minimizing errors and rework.