Roundtable @APEX: What’s New in US electronics? Trends & emerging technologies

US-manufacturing is being transformed and disrupted by the same forces transforming the rest of our industry: the evolution of digital technology, automation, globalized supply chains and partnerships and an accelerating need for organizational speed and agility. But what makes the USA different and what does its future hold? The discussion explores challenges and opportunities faced by the US electronics manufacturing supply chain in today’s global markets.

PANEL: Joel Scutchfield, Director of Sales, KOH YOUNG; Tim Burke, CTO & Co-founder, ARCH SYSTEMS and Karl Pfluke, Sales Manager, KIC
Moderator: Kim Sauer, miXim

Filmed in San Diego, California and kindly sponsored by Pace, Insituware, Humiseal, Cyberoptics, Juki, ART, Koh Young & Electrolube.