ROCKA Solutions Expands Representation with FHP Reps Across the South Central Region

ROCKA Solutions today announced the appointment of FHP Reps as its exclusive manufacturers’ representative in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas. FHP Reps is renowned for delivering best-in-class equipment, consumables, and services to the electronics manufacturing industry, with a focus on providing comprehensive solutions.

 “We are excited to welcome FHP Reps to the ROCKA Solutions family,” said Justin Worden, VP Sales & Marketing at ROCKA Solutions. “Their deep understanding of the Southeast market and strong relationships with key stakeholders make them the ideal partner to represent our brand in this region.”

FHP Reps stands out from other rep firms by offering a diverse range of products and services, including equipment, consumables, and solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients. With their expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, FHP Reps has established a reputation for excellence in the industry.

“We are honored to represent ROCKA Solutions and their innovative solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry,” stated Keith Favre, President of FHP Reps. “We look forward to introducing ROCKA Solutions’ cutting-edge solutions to our customers and helping them achieve their manufacturing goals.”

As the appointed manufacturers’ representative in their territory, FHP Reps will promote ROCKA Solutions’ SMT production supplies, including stencil rolls, cleaning wipes, and soldering materials, among others. The company will work closely with customers to understand their unique needs and provide tailored solutions to help optimize manufacturing processes and improve operational efficiency.