Robotic Soldering Experience 

Considerable interest is being shown in using robots in soldering applications and many suppliers have offered bench top and freestanding systems to our industry. Solder suppliers have offered specific materials to aid and overcome common problems with these automated processes. Soldering is conducted with precision soldering irons or laser, but the fundamental rules of good soldering must still be followed to meet the most demanding applications for medical, industrial and automotive products.

WNIE – What’s New in Electronics – – have been invited by Bob to be the official media partner of the upcoming Robotic Soldering Experience, ensuring that the experience reaches a global audience.

There is clearly an appetite for this experience as the pre-event webinar had over 550 people click on our invitation and over 220 people join the webinar.  Of those taking part, from the survey 59% of them currently do not have robotic soldering but have an interest in it.

This Robotic Soldering Experience will deliver a mix of presentations, webinars and some live content (adhering to current COVID guidelines) and will require each supplier to solder test boards with different connectors and a choice of solder wires.

Ideally we would like to have Robotic companies solder test boards at a facility where we would have other equipment suppliers.  There would be no visitors, but we will film the event and following that have an online conference reviewing the boards and results.

Interested in joining the webinar?

The webinar will be free to attend, however we will invite you to make a donation to a chosen charity if you do so wish.  Bob Willis has organised many practical hands on technology-based Experiences, featuring processes like cleaning, conformal coating, optical and x-ray inspection, rework plus our most popular the Lead-Free Experience which ran for years.

Want your company to participate in the experience?

There are different ways of getting involved in the upcoming Robotic Soldering Experience and packages start from £995.

Any company who becomes a sponsor will benefit from having the content of this experience available to use for future marketing – great in this new virtual world.  The experience is being and will continue to be promoted on the WNIE platforms, and the weekly newsletter.

We would like to invite the following suppliers:

Robotic Soldering Equipment
Solder suppliers
PCB suppliers
Connector suppliers/distributors
IR Temperature measurement

Sponsor benefits, depending on the package you take, are:

  • 5 video clips on soldering with robots released before the event with sponsor branding featured on WNIE and through Social Media (note we have started this promotion already)
  • Pre-Event Survey on robotic soldering with sponsor branding and option to add questions Pre-event promotion and advertising for feature on WNIE industry hub and newsletter
  • Opportunity for physical on-site banner for branding at the event
  • 1:1 interviews (either on site or via zoom)
  • Inclusion and promotion through the experience webinar
  • Additional £500 advertising voucher to use on the WNIE platforms
  • Increased social media activity via WNIE and Bob Willis followers
  • Use of content after experience

To find out more contact Rob Saunders on 01428 609 382 or email




Interview with Bob Willis

WNIE Online is proud to be the Official Media Partner to the brand new Robotic Soldering Experience, organised by industry guru Bob Willis. We caught up with Bob to discover more and find out why people should get involved.

Bob, could you please give us an outline of the upcoming Robotic Soldering Experience?

In the past I have organised many practical hands on technology-based Experiences. We have featured processes like cleaning, conformal coating, optical and x-ray inspection, rework plus our most popular the Lead-Free Experience which ran for years

This latest Robotic Soldering activity will provide the opportunity for partners to showcase their contact and laser soldering systems with a range of different soldering materials with one common board design. During the live sessions we will be recording the activity and results to share with industry online with a series of free webinars that engineers can attend to see practical results, and in addition learn more about using robots in soldering applications. 

I will be interviewing each of our partners during the Experience to find answers to the common questions people need to know regarding implementing new materials and equipment.

Many suppliers are just very keen to get back to some level of normality and this will be a good combination of live and virtual. There is also nothing to stop the running of the experience again when the World is back to a new normal.

Do you foresee the use of industrial robotics becoming even more crucial at a time when social distancing policies in the workplace are being implemented?

There is an argument that increasing automation to solder through hole and oddform components can be a benefit in a Covid world. However, we have seen a steady increase in the availability of robots over the last few years and suppliers have worked hard to refine their systems and soldering options for different customer requirements. Producers have developed programming and ability to overcome what are simple problems for skilled operators but not necessarily for machines 

A survey on robotic soldering and materials will also be issued,  to pinpoint technology requirements and the practical issues people face. This will be available to all participants when released

How fast moving is this sector and why is it important for companies and individuals to keep abreast of developments?

Like any new technology engineers must keep up-to-date, even if they don’t have a specific robot application. Don’t get me wrong I have seen robots used in many applications when there was no clear benefit, but it did provide the early opportunity to understand systems, capability and de-mystify the process. Companies should have the vision that some process changes are inevitable, and they should allow investment in time and equipment for the future. Often development labs are all about products, but they should also be about process development – that is what major sub-contractors do well.

Why did you feel it was important to offer this kind of event, in the light of recent events regarding the pandemic?

Ideally this would be a full hands-on Bob Willis Experience like we have run in the past. But if we can’t bring visitors to our feature, we will try to do the next best thing and showcase each process, practical results and an online learning experience which will be available online as a continuously available learning experience

What features will be available to those signing up for the Robotic Soldering experience?

During the live part of the Experience partners will be asked to solder a through hole multilayer board with different solder wires for inspection. They will be able to inspect their own boards to optimise the results before independent inspection.

When will the Robotic Soldering experience take place and how can people get involved?

I am working hard to finalise the experience, its location and the online webinars but in the short term please just complete the registration form below indicating if you are a potential supplier or an engineer keen to learn more of the technology and see it in action and we will keep you up to date.

Registration Form