Robotas Is Streamlining Manual Assembly

Robotas Technologies Ltd., a pioneer of hand assembly automation systems, is highlighting Sigma: streamlining virtually any assembly process to boost productivity.

How do you take the laborious, error-prone task of manual assembly and make it straightforward, consistent and dependable? It’s easy, and it’s what Robotas has been helping companies achieve around the world for 30 years.

Hand assembly procedures in every market sector vary dramatically. What’s needed is a versatile solution to provide reliable, guided automation at every assembly step.

Sigma offers many features to help eliminate errors and drive productivity:
Computerized step-by-step work instructions, images and videos are displayed to the operator.
Optional motorized carousels automatically present the correct component or tool.
LED indicators highlight the exact storage bin location.
Supporting documentation is easily displayed.
Data inputs such as measurement readings can be recorded at any step.
External inputs can conditionally alter the assembly procedure.
Data signals can be output at any step to drive external tools or machinery.

As well as displaying written assembly instructions, Sigma provides annotated images and helpful video clips to illustrate each assembly step, completely eliminating ambiguity. In addition, other features and options further streamline the assembly operation. It’s a straightforward process that simplifies product hand assembly to make it fast, consistent and right first time.
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