Real-Time Innovations (RTI) at digital embedded world 2021

At digital embedded world 2021 (March 1-5), Real-Time Innovations (RTI) will be part of the conference with two sessions and will have a virtual company presence at the exhibition. RTI will present its software framework for autonomous systems, which also acts transport agnostic in the context of industrial automation. The company will also showcase Connext DriveÒ, the Automotive-grade connectivity solution.

The data-centric software framework RTI Connext DDSÒ is based on the Data Distribution Serviceä (DDS) standard and supports the development, deployment and management of autonomous systems. Across platforms and systems, the framework manages complex data distribution for real-time, scalable connectivity. RTI Connext DDS enables optimized data processing, easier system integration, enhanced performance, simplified data recording, security and platform support.

When used in industrial automation, Connext DDS acts transport agnostic. For example, it provides the ability to integrate OPC UA into DDS systems, and run DDS with the emerging IEEE TSN set of standards.

Connext Drive offers automakers the software they need to operate in diverse real-time environments, interoperate with other systems within the vehicle or with off-vehicle systems. It also helps to evolve systems over time, and build in top security. Connext Drive is the only technology that is able to bridge the full spectrum of automotive ecosystems, including AUTOSAR Classic, AUTOSAR Adaptive and ROS2, letting OEMs work with the standard or standards that best meets their needs at different points in the innovation cycle.

RTI’s Conference presentations:

Day 1, 1 March, 11:00 – 11:30 am

  • Session 1.1 – IoT Architectures & Platforms
  • “The automotive Paradigm Shift: Connectivity at the Core”
  • With Pedro López Estepa, Director Automotive at RTI 

Day 1, 1 March, 12:00 – 12:30 am

  • Session 1.1 – IoT Architectures & Platforms
  • “Architecting Scalable Real-Time Systems With Embedded Devices: Connecting the Edge to the Could”
  • With Thijs Brouwer, Field Application Engineer at RTI