QPT opens its first Crowdcube funding round with Geoff Haynes as lead investor

Quantum Power Transformation Limited (QPT) has opened its first funding round on Crowdcube and is delighted to announce that one of the pioneers of GaN technology, Geoff Haynes, is the lead investor for the round. The round has a target of £500,000 and is eligible for EIS. The link to Early Access is https://www.crowdcube.com/early-access/qpt

Geoff Haynes, who was one of the co-founders of GaN Systems, said: “There is an old saying invest in what you know. GaN has been my passion for decades and my frustration as it hit the brick wall of RF and overheating issues when being driven at over 100kHz. I am really impressed with how QPT has tackled these issues to enable GaN to now be driven at much higher speeds, which are around 23 times faster than SiC, and thus deliver unprecedented energy savings. I want to continue my GaN journey to realise its now unlocked capability to make more efficient power electronics that cut energy uses so I have invested a six-figure sum in the round as its lead investor. Plus, as an advisor, I can really roll my sleeves up and take GaN to the next level.”

Rob Gwynne, Founder and CEO of QPT, added, “The UK is renowned for innovation so we wanted to provide people with the opportunity to invest in a new technology that makes electric motors more efficient. As they account for up to 45% of global energy usage, our qGaN technology’s ability to cut energy wastage means that its deployment could significantly help reduce climate change. Investors are always keen on ways to help the planet and our technology does that without downsides. Our solution is smaller, cheaper and saves more energy than rivals according to our studies.”

ABB Challenge 2023 update

QPT is the winner of ABB’s ‘Power Density Start-up Challenge 2023 for Motor Drive Products’ that aims to find companies that can push the boundaries of drives and motors.

Full details are at https://www.collaborateandcommercialize.com/abb-power-density-startup-challenge-2023 and https://www.linkedin.com/posts/abb-motors-and-drives-noam_powerdensitychallenge-abbstartups-startup-activity-7140823048667947008-Y7R4/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop

About Quantum Power Transformation (QPT) Limited

Established in Cambridge in 2019 as an independent power electronics company, QPT™ specialises in creating high-performance, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to solve the challenges of designing with Gallium Nitride transistors. qGaN™ technology unlocks the potential of GaN to provide huge power savings across a wide range of electrical devices.

Please visit www.q-p-t.com or contact info@q-p-t.com for further information.