Q Source Expands Product Portfolio with the Latest Offerings from Weller

Q Source, a provider of custom solutions for the Bio-Medical, Electronic, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industries, is pleased to announce the inclusion of Weller’s newest products in its extensive lineup. The recently added WXsmart Series and WXups MS Solder Set – Heavy Duty Soldering Iron Kit meet the increasing demands of complex, high-performance soldering applications.

 The expanded WXsmart Series, consisting of WXS2010-C010, WXS2012-C010, WXS2020-C010, WXS2021-C010, and WXS2022-C010, introduces a new standard in precision soldering. Designed to meet the demands of modern soldering applications, these products offer advanced features for enhanced performance and reliability.

Additionally, Q Source now offers the WXups MS Solder Set, featuring T0052923799-C010 and T0052923899-C010. The heavy-duty Soldering Iron WXups uses Weller’s Active Tip Technology (cartridge) for an optimized heat transfer with 150W maximum power, 24V performance. The extremely fast seven-second heat-up time delivers excellent heat transfer and recovery time during the soldering process for a high-performance continuous workflow.

Q Source is excited to expand its product range with the latest offerings from Weller, a renowned name in the industry. The WXsmart Series and heavy-duty Soldering Iron exemplify Weller’s commitment to excellence in soldering technology, and the company is proud to make these cutting-edge products available to customers on the Q Source website.

To learn more about Weller’s latest offerings and explore other top-tier brands offered by Q Source, please visit the Q Source website.