Q Source Celebrates Nearly Two Decades of Partnership with Ergomat, a Leader in Ergonomic Matting Solutions

Q Source is proud to announce its longstanding partnership with Ergomat, a leading manufacturer of ergonomic and safety matting solutions. With nearly 20 years of collaboration, Q Source represents Ergomat’s full product line, offering tailored solutions designed to enhance worker safety, productivity, and well-being across various industries.

Ergomat, with more than 30 years of industry experience, has established itself as a trusted name in the matting industry, renowned for its commitment to quality. Their product offerings include anti-fatigue mats, static control mats, cleanroom mats, and more, all designed to address the ergonomic and safety needs of workers in diverse environments.

Ergomat’s patented ergonomic designs are backed by the latest research in ergonomics, aimed at reducing strain on the body, improving circulation, and promoting good posture among workers. These innovative solutions not only prioritize worker health and safety but also contribute to increased productivity and cost-effectiveness for businesses.

As a distributor of Ergomat products since 2005, Q Source ensures that businesses have access to the best-in-class matting solutions tailored to their specific needs. Customers can rely on Q Source for exceptional service and expertise in selecting the right Ergomat products to optimize workplace safety, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.

For more information about Ergomat’s products or to explore Q Source’s offerings, please visit www.qsource.com.