PDR Sees Success with GenX X-ray Systems

PDR X-ray Solutions is pleased to announce strong customer feedback from its GenX X-ray systems introduced in 2019. The GenX-90P and GenX-130P are available in compact or large cabinet models. Both can accommodate PCB sizes up to 21” (533mm) X 17.5” (445mm) with oblique angle viewing up to 70°. 

 Dave White, CEO of PDR Rework and X-ray Systems, stated: “It is always a good sign when customers vote with their pocket book, especially after performing a high degree of due diligence and technical review of PDR X-ray systems relative to competitive offerings. PDR’s ability to address a wide range of customer’s X-ray needs while producing truly remarkable image quality is why PDR GenX X-ray Systems are now specified by many well-known government and corporate customers. Made in the USA and backed by more than 20 years of X-ray know-how, PDR X-ray is the right choice when performance and outstanding customer service matters.”

The new cabinets accommodate either 90kV or 130kV X-ray sources, and are upgradable in the field from 90kV to 130kV if your imaging needs change in the future. The detector also is field upgradable. The new, large cabinet models are available at an affordable price without compromising image quality.

GenX large cabinet X-ray systems can be configured with many sizes of flat panel detectors, or a versatile image intensifier for applications with a wide range of part sizes and imaging requirements. Custom algorithms also can be tailored to specific inspection needs.

GenX X-ray systems offer truly remarkable image clarity with proprietary HD camera and software. Additionally, the high-performance X-ray systems offer programmable 4-axis (X, Y, Z 1/Z2) fully motorized motion control. 

PDR systems are made in the USA with worldwide service and support, and one-year or multi-year warranties. PDR can help to determine the best X-ray source and detector depending on the application.