PCBASupplies Enters US Distribution Agreement for Thermaltronics Hand Soldering

electronics industry newsPCBASupplies.com is pleased to announce that it is now an authorized distributor for Thermaltronics hand soldering products throughout the US. Thermaltronics hand soldering products, which incorporate the unique Curie Heat Technology for precise temperature control, include both 13.56 MHz and 470 KHz power supplies and are fully compatible with competitive product offerings.

A spokesperson for Thermaltronics said that the addition of PCBASupplies will provide customers with an excellent supply source, ensuring prompt delivery and service.

PCBA Supplies will have a direct link to the Thermaltronics HQ, thereby adding another level of support and ensuring that customers always have access to the latest product information.

Thermaltronics CHT (Curie Heat Technology) responds to the thermal demands of each solder joint by adjusting the power instantaneously, thereby meeting the exact requirements of the substrate component and solder material.

All Thermaltronics products are produced in accordance with ISO 9000 & ISO 14000 standards and meet either TUV, GS, CE or NRTL safety requirements. Strict quality control procedures are in place and product warranties are among the best in the industry. For more information, visit www.PCBASupplies.com. 

PCBASupplies is a supplier of Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) and final assembly products. The company aims to provide unique, hard to find, or new to market supplies for electronic manufacturing. 

For more information about PCBASupplies, contact Scott Fillebrown at Scott@PCBASupplies.com.