Panel Discussion: Closing the Skills Gap: Who will my colleagues be in future?

There is much focus in our industry on the evolution of our manufacturing processes in the digital age and many forward-looking organizations are increasingly recognizing the need to plan for a digital workforce as a top priority. Moderator Kim Sauer (miXim) is joined by Michael Ford (AEGIS), Ridhi Kantelal (ARCH SYSTEMS), Michelle Ogihara (SEIKA MACHINERY) and MB Allen (KIC) to debate the need and ways to develop a sustainable talent pipeline and the skills needed for the influx of changing and new jobs. Which avenues to talent our industry provides to help businesses source, encourage and mentor the skilled workforce they need now to operate efficiently tomorrow are explored. In addition, the discussion questions whether companies are placing enough emphasis on putting quality, talent, equality and diversity at the top of their agenda and what hurdles may still need to be overcome.

Kindly sponsored by Mentor – A Siemens Company, Pace, Humiseal, Electrolube, Advanced Rework Technology, Koh Young, Cyberoptics and Aegis.