Panasonic Industry Europe helps children in need

In every part of this world there are children in need. They are the smallest and most fragile victims affected by poverty, illness, violence or solitude. This advent season, the Panasonic Industry Europe management has taken the opportunity to help those who are less fortunate than we are – innocent children from the Child Protection Association Munich. “The year 2020 has been a challenging one for all. However most of us are still in a very comfortable situation with a safe and warm home and lots of food in the fridge. The Child Protection Association Munich supports children who are in need. And we are very happy to support this important institution,” said Anna Müller, Head of Corporate Marketing Communication.

The donation was received with great pleasure and will allow to purchase a mix of digital equipment, toys, and tutoring materials for parenting advice. “With this generous donation we are finally able to fulfill the digital needs of school children, and able to buy toys for our toddlers. We have the chance to improve our own digital infrastructure, for better availability and the possibility to virtually stay in touch, also beyond our opening hours. Panasonic supports helpful technique, which enables us to act at all emergencies on time,” said Maria Beck, Managing Director, Child Protection Association Munich.

Children process trauma differently compared to adults, and such trauma leads to consequences over their entire life time. Therefore, toys, such as stuffed animals, are important friends and confidants for these small children. Toys become the only constant in these children’s fragile life. They bond with their toys, interact with them, and process their problems.

“It is not only about providing children with objects, they temporarily like. Most children are really well equipped, even in families with lower income. We often see their rooms stuffed with toys, which should simply keep them quiet. However, it is essential to be able to afford the right tools to support children in their development. It is essential to provide children with the ability to learn basic skills for school and their life. We always try to involve parents in the learning process and offer an opportunity for them to see, how children can be supported. Often, these mothers and fathers unfortunately did not have the best start into parenthood and. They are thankful for the support and the reasonable caretaking for their babies and small children. Now we have a great amount of toys, which are robust and good for playing, working and growing. Some of them explicitly aim to help children to get joy in moving, exploring and promote a healthy lifestyle, ” said Beck.

For the past 45 years, the Child Protection Association Munich, a non-partisan and non-denominational association, has been advocating children’s needs and the implementation of the basic rights for children and young adults. Their main goal is to protect the children from exclusion, discrimination, violence of all kinds, and to provide them with social justice.

You can find out more about the Child Protection Association Munich here: