Ormet Circuits Inc. Awarded for New Transient Liquid Phase Sintering Paste

Ormet Circuits Inc., a division of EMD Performance Materials, received a 2020 Mexico Technology Award in the category of Thermal Interface Materials for its Ormet® DAP-491-1 TLPS paste. The award was announced during a Virtual Awards Ceremony on Monday, October 26, 2020. 

 “We’re very honored and grateful for this award and for the opportunity to deliver innovative solutions to our customers,” said Matthew Wrosch, Senior Product Specialist at Ormet Circuits. 

 Transient Liquid Phase Sintering (TLPS) pastes are lead-free and high-temperature stable sintering solder systems for semiconductor packaging and assembly. Ormet DAP-491-1 is a Pb-free, TLPS paste formulated for attachment of metalized die to metalized substrates. It is processed via lead-free reflow but exhibits extremely high thermal stability beyond 350°C after sintering and will withstand subsequent lead-free reflow temperatures above 260°C without re-melting.

Ormet DAP-491-1 is an excellent alternative to gold-based and lead-based solders as well as silver-sintering materials for electronic packaging applications requiring high thermal conductivity, high-temperature stability along with standard SMT-compatibility for high-throughput.

The Mexico Technology Awards acknowledge the latest innovations available in Mexico produced by OEM manufacturing equipment and materials suppliers during the last 12 months. For more information, visit www.mexicoems.com/mta-awards.

Ormet delivers high reliability and environmentally friendly interconnect materials for use in assembled advanced semiconductor packages. For more information, visit www.emdgroup.com.