Omron Electronic Components launches enhanced, faster global website

Customers of Omron Electronic Components Europe can now find technical information and order the components they need faster, thanks to the company’s newly launched global website.

Omron has completely rebuilt the online presence of its Electronic Components Business, as Mariann Nagy, Marketing Communications Manager at Omron explains, “It is common practice for corporations to renew their websites every 2-3 years to keep their audience engaged with the brand. However, the changes we are announcing today are much more than a visual design update. They are a complete renewal of the site from the ground up to better address what visitors need from Omron online today.”

The smart new design, featuring a customisable user interface and enhanced search facility, makes it easy for customers to navigate around the site and order products knowing they are available. The new site’s purchasing capability is provided seamlessly through a third-party that links Omron customers to the distributors that have the parts in stock, making it easy to choose suppliers and delivery options. What’s more, the interactive content of the site is interfaced with the highest quality back-end systems to ensure the shortest response time and a smooth, transparent information flow.

Underpinning the site is a simple membership function that enables customers, once registered, to fully access all the site features, including downloadable datasheets, FAQs and product development information, as well as bookmark pages and view purchased product lists.

The improved search functionality is another important feature of the new site, says Mariann Nagy: “The unified global website features a simple three-layer search structure, enabling users to search by product list, specification or classification. Registering as a member is free – and that opens up access to a library of enriched content such as fully searchable PDFs ranging from basic knowledge of electronic components to issue-solving case studies.”

Mariann Nagy concluded, “Our new global online presence will continually develop and evolve from here. Platforms and technology are constantly developing, and browsers, devices, and customer behaviour change. Our web development team is monitoring these changes in real time and will integrate what they learn into incremental updates so that the customer experience remains fresh and current. New features lined up for the upcoming 12 months include direct access to ROHS data for our products.

There is also a component-based searchable glossary, listing and explaining common terms for the company’s main product groups: relays, switches and connectors.

View the new-look site at