OMRON brings a new level of accuracy to embedded face recognition with OKAO Vision

The new OMRON Electronic Components Europe OKAO Vision face recognition package offers highly accurate deep-learning face recognition.

Market-proven image-sensing libraries now available for popular embedded platforms

OMRON Electronic Components Europe has announced a new OKAO Vision face recognition package, offering highly accurate deep-learning face recognition. Developers are able to deploy OKAO Vision flexibly on their own choice of embedded hardware platform.

The new deep learning libraries of OKAO Vision Face Recognition V9.0 address applications that require a high degree of confidence under various conditions including poor lighting and when the face is at various angles relative to the detector. These include security and access control, time and attendance monitoring, login/wakeup systems, and camera autofocus/auto-exposure control. An important potential application is monitoring the attendance at face-face and online meetings, facilitating contact tracing and verifying actual attendance. Automotive applications include driver recognition to manage features such as seat adjustment.

The new face-recognition libraries achieve excellent evaluation results with various skin tones and face sizes, with extremely low error rate down to image size as small as 40 pixels. Benchmark testing with Intel and Arm processors has demonstrated that OKAO Vision Face Recognition V9.0 maintains exceptionally fast recognition times despite the enhanced accuracy, ensuring that users in access control applications for example will be barely conscious of the need to wait for validation of their identity.

The complete OKAO Vision Face Recognition V9.0 package contains modular libraries that provide a variety of sensing capabilities including expression estimation, age and gender estimation, and photographic image beautification including red-eye reduction, facial shaping, eye enlargement, and blemish removal. Users can combine various modules’ functionalities to add value to their applications.

Gabriele Fulco, European Product Marketing Manager Sensors at OMRON Electronic Components Europe added, “In addition to boosting recognition accuracy with deep learning, we are making OKAO Vision available as a set of software libraries ready to integrate with Linux, Windows®, and iOS operating systems. This lets users leverage the extensive functionalities of OMRON’s machine-vision package in their own embedded systems running on custom hardware. Off-the-shelf libraries are already available for various platforms.”

OMRON’s OKAO Vision is market proven, with over 1.5 billion licenses shipped to date. The legacy OKAO Vision Face Recognition V7.0 and V8.0 packages, which leverage traditional face-recognition techniques and are embedded in the OMRON HVC camera module, remain available for applications that need even faster response times.