Novocomms launches ‘game-changing’ L Band antenna

New multi-port, multi-band antenna sets new standards for satellite phone and GNSS performance.

Novocomms, the UK’s leading innovator in RF antenna design and manufacture has unveiled NovoSat, a new lightweight dual port product with high performance GNSS capability and offering the full L Band frequency band for other devices.

Developed specifically for use within high density environments, urban canyons and extremely rugged terrains, the new antenna also performs well in poor weather conditions, thanks to its high gain, giving unrivaled performance quality and positional accuracy whilst supporting dual port operation. Designed at Novocomms’ global headquarters in Birmingham, the NovoSat antenna is mechanically rugged, jam resistant and custom manufactured in the UK to maintain product integrity and security.

Ideal for use in satellite phones or global satellite positioning systems, Novocomm’s new antenna weighs just 5g, much lighter than comparable products on the market, due to the innovative use of plastics within the manufacturing process. Traditionally, ceramics have been used in the manufacture of L Band antennas, making them heavier and more expensive than Novocomm’s latest model.

In tests, calibrated to SGS chambers, the NovoSat achieved at a frequency of 1.58 GHz, gain (RHCP) of 2.97 dBic, beamwidth of 97° and an AR@phi=0 performance of 130%.

Commenting on the performance of the prototype, Sampson Hu, CEO and founder of Novocomms, said: “Our new NovoSat product really does represent the next generation of L Band antenna, out-performing the competition when it comes to frequency, gain, form factor, efficiency and even price. We’re very excited about the doors that this new product can open for electronic manufacturers working the fields of automotive, mobile devices, AUVs, wearables and also those innovating in the IoT space.”

Founded by Dr. Sampson Hu, a University of Birmingham alumnus, Novocomms holds over 100 global patent applications and is committed to continuous innovation. With its global headquarters in Birmingham, UK, Novocomms is well-positioned to offer local technical support, project delivery, and supply chain management to its clients.

The company’s cutting-edge antenna technology is used in a wide range of wireless devices, including laptops, tablets and smartwatches. By offering smaller, more efficient antennas with better performance and lower power consumption, Novocomms is revolutionising the wireless communication industry.