New Thermally Conductive Dissipator Line from Hernon Manufacturing

Hernon Manufacturing, Inc., a leading producer of high-performance adhesives, sealants, UV LED curing lights and precision dispensing systems, is pleased to introduce its thermally conductive dissipator line. The line includes Dissipator® 746 and Dissipator 745 thermally conductive adhesives. 

Dissipator 746 is a thermally conductive adhesive formulated for bonding electrical components to heat sinks or printed circuit boards. Fast room temperature cure combined with excellent heat dissipation for thermally sensitive components and controlled strength for service repair provide the perfect replacement for tapes, epoxies, silicones, fasteners and mechanical clips. 

Dissipator 745 is a thermally conductive room temperature cure adhesive that is designed for bonding electrical components to the heat sink with a controlled gap. Through a special shimming property, Dissipator® 745 insulates the component electrically while allowing thermal conductivity. This special shimming feature produces a constant gap of 0.005″ to 0.006″ between components.

The materials are thick due to the incorporated thermally conductive material and require dispensing systems such as Hernon’s RAMBO high viscosity dispensing machine for high-speed production.