New Omron XF-Series Flexible Printed Circuit Connectors install faster and have smallest on board size on market – now available from TTI, Inc


A new series of Flexible Printed Circuit Connectors designed for miniaturized products is now available in Europe at TTI, Inc., a world leading specialist distributor of electronic components. The Omron XF-Series FPCs feature a patented backlock mechanism which cuts approximately two seconds from the installation time of each connector when compared to competitive products, resulting in a time saving of up to 30 days on an average installation of half a million connectors.  Omron XF Series FPC connectors includes devices with double sided contacts to maintain a stable contact force, unique rotary lock mechanisms and the smallest on-board size in the industry.


The patented rotary backlock mechanism on the XF-range offers a number of key features and benefits. The rotary latch is independent of the FPC socket so it does not disconnect if the FPC is lifted and mounting reliability is enhanced because the FPC is held in a four-sided housing which prevents any displacement. All except two models in the XF Series have dual contacts, which removes the necessity to distinguish between upper and lower contacts when connecting upper and lower PCBs.  Unlike traditional FPC connectors, XF Series interconnects are delivered with the rotary latch open for additional installation speed.


Omron XF Series FPC connectors enable designers to develop and further miniaturise next-generation products and suit a wide number of applications, including almost all devices with an LCD display. Key applications for the XF-Series include robotics, mobiles devices, LCD TVs and tablets, cameras and music players, surveillance cameras, ultrasound and X-Ray equipment, automotive infotainment systems, electricity meters and maritime equipment.


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