New Ethernet switches support high speed comms

~ Embedded expert offers new modules for compact, demanding applications ~
Embedded computing expert Recab UK is offering a new ultra-compact Ethernet switch module from Diamond Systems to the UK market. The new product, the EPSM-10GX4 managed gigabit Ethernet switch module, allows hardware, electronics and system engineers to quickly develop high data rate Ethernet switchboards and systems in industrial, transport and telecommunications applications.

The EPSM-10GX4 has 24 1 Gbps copper ports and four 10 Gbps SFI ports in an ultra-compact footprint with almost fully encapsulated switching technology. The module is physically identical to Diamond Systems’ EPSM-10GX switch modules, but with two additional 10G fibre ports and a different pinout to optimise PCB routing. The switch module simplifies design effort and time to market for custom Ethernet switch boards and systems.

The new module is based on the Computer on Module (COM) Express Mini standard form factor (84×55 mm). Just as engineers use COM Express to design customer single-board computers, the EPSM-10GX4 can be used with a custom carrier board to quickly develop an Ethernet system. One option is Diamond Systems’ new EPS-24G4X full-feature carrier board, which brings out the 1 Gbps ports to latching connectors and the 10 Gbps ports to SFP+ sockets.

“Many industries are growing more accustomed to using Ethernet to communicate among various embedded systems and equipment, whether that is for on-board entertainment on trains and aircraft, to serve as the communications backbone for military vehicles, or to securely relay video feeds for drones,” explained Martin Frederiksen, managing director of Recab UK.

“Switches are central to the performance of networked architectures. With the EPSM-10GX4, we have a powerful platform to support quick development of gigabit speed Ethernet systems in a module the size of the typical credit card. Not only this, but it has complete switching and routing capabilities due to embedded layer 2 and 3 software. It provides an ideal option for low- to medium- volume projects that need a rugged Ethernet switch that can pack high performance into a small space.”

The EPSM-10GX4 features layer 3 capable Ethernet router/switch integrated circuits and includes embedded software with web and serial port management interfaces. These features mean the switch module can support routing between virtual local area networks (VLANs) and offer features such as port mirroring and traffic monitoring.

To ensure suitability for harsh operating environments, the EPSM-10GX4 has an extended operating temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius. The four 10 Gbps ports are also suitable for use with rugged 10 Gbps transceivers on the carrier board, allowing for ruggedisation of the module.

Hardware, system design and electronics engineers interested in the EPSM-10GX4 or looking for the right Ethernet switch technology for their embedded computing project can contact the Recab UK team on +44(0) 1634 300 900 or via the company website.