New Amphenol AFCI RotaConnect rotatable Board-to-Board connectors can be used anywhere on a PCB – now available from TTI, Inc.

rotaconnect_wtb_-btb_connector_systemThe new RotaConnect™ rotatable board-to-board connector from Amphenol FCI is now available in Europe at TTI, Inc., a world leading specialist distributor of electronic components. The AFCI RotaConnect interconnect features a “mate to itself” hermaphroditic design and can be connected at any angle between +90 degrees and -60 degrees, yet has a dual beam contact which ensures reliable connection.  Its self-guided design ensures correct positioning and prevents mis-mating.


Electrical performance of the RotaConnect range includes a current rating up to 5A and operating voltage of 125V.  Rated for an operating temperature range of -40degC to +125degC, and with a durable mechanical performance up to 20 mating cycles, the RotaConnect series also offers a number of optional features, including a hold-down option for improved retention on the PCB and locating pegs for easy positioning, even when being manually assembled.   Physical properties include a high temperature thermoplastic housing to UL94V-0, copper alloy contacts and proprietary GXT® (palladium Nickel alloy with gold flash) plating.


The RotaConnect WTB  interconnect series includes devices with 2 contacts (1 male, 1 female) or 4 contacts (2 male, 2 female), both available with or without locating pegs.  Parts are supplied on tape and reel for automated assembly.  Suitable applications include control boards, sensors, actuator, and lighting (automotive, rigid LED strip, and channel lettering).