New aluminium electrolytic capacitors from Panasonic offering higher ripple current and larger capacitance to demanding applications

Munich, 4th July 2016: Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe has recently released two new series of aluminium electrolytic capacitors to meet the market demands for higher ripple current handling. Developed from the proven V-TP series components, the new V-TC and V-TCU series

benefit from 1.2 to 1.5 times higher ripple current capabilities at 125°C (V-TC series 300mA for D8 can size up to 750mA for G can size and V-TCU series 400mA for F can size up to 750mA for G can size). In addition, V-TCU parts also offer 1.2 to 2.2 times larger capacitance values (220µF up to 680µF) while downsizing by one can size (G to F size or F to D8 size).


Ideal for applications such as automotive ECU in DC/DC filtering and output ripple smoothing, the can-shape surface-mount capacitors feature a footprint from 6.3mm x 7.7mm up to 10mm x 10.2mm and a lifetime of 2000 hours for smaller can sizes and 3000 hours for larger can sizes.


Remarks Stefan Fritsch at Panasonic: “With the new V-TC and V-TCU aluminium electrolytic capacitors our customers benefit from the high ripple current and capacitance capabilities while maintaining the same land pattern as before”.


For further information on the V-TC and V-TCU series aluminium electrolytic capacitors, please visit:

 PAN_330_ETC_3D6_Duo 15x15




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