Murray Percival Co. Partners with Nordson DAGE to Offer Component Counters

The Murray Percival Company, the leading supplier to the Midwest’s electronics industry, today announced their partnership with Nordson DAGE® in representing the Assure™ Series of X-ray Component Counters in the Midwest region of the US.

“We are really excited to have the sales experience of Murray Percival in our corner,” commented Todd O’Neil, Business Development Manager, Nordson DAGE.  “We hope this partnership will help DAGE’s award-winning technology to new customers across the Midwest.” 

The DAGE Assure is the winner of a 2018 GLOBAL Technology Award.

Inventory knowledge is essential for modern PCB production. Whether you’re an SMT manufacturer, supplier, or broker, live monitoring of inventory in your MRP system at all times minimizes stock, labor, errors and costs while ensuring customer confidence and trust. 

Counting components should not require hours of programming. Assure is a true plug-and-play solution which uses advanced algorithms to identify new components and does not rely on libraries.

With the Assure, you will eliminate production line downtime, multiple set-ups and expensive additional component procurement and safety stock.  Additionally, minimize stock and plan production using accurate live inventory.  Users can accurately measure and document inventory consumed during a production run.

For more information about The Murray Percival Company and the Nordson DAGE Assure X-ray Component Counter, please visit