Multitest Sensor Test Modules Ready for Increased Productions Needs

Multitest has been the market leader for MEMS/sensor test and calibration equipment for more than 15 years. Multitest has now launched the next generation of its 6DOF gyro test module for singulated packages, which provides significant production benefits resulting in even lower cost of test, enhanced test accuracy and higher daily output.

The new generation 6DOF module has been optimized for operational cost, uptime and stimulus clearness and accuracy. Multitest has accomplished these goals by focusing on robustness of processes and components, ease of maintenance, reduction of facility supplies and the signal to noise ratio.

While providing these advantages the next generation 6DOF solution fully maintains the modularity and flexibility of Multitest’s MEMS/sensor test offerings. The new module leverages the capabilities of established semiconductor test tri-temp handlers and adds the MEMS/sensor test capability by pairing the handler with dedicated stimulus modules.

Andreas Zeisler, Product Manager, explains: “With the release of this next generation solution, we meet the requirements for production optimization, which are driven by decreasing ASPs for MEMS/sensors as well as by growing volumes. Whereas Multitest’s InMEMS solutions using InStrip address the high production volumes, the solutions based on gravity or pick-and-place handlers are a well-accepted alternative for mid-sized volumes, which often result from the very fragmented MEMS/sensor market.”